Original Song: Take a Walk

August 21, 2014
Take a Walk

To complete my series on lessons I learned from the forest I compiled all of them in order with links to each page. These are all written about personal experiences and fond memories of spending time with my family through the seasons among the trees and nature. I have also included a song I wrote years ago that was the main inspiration for this series of stories. Join me on a walk through the forest and see how many lessons you can hear in my song “Take a Walk.” (I’m hoping to one day record this again so it’s not so rough. But you know when inspiration hits you just have to capture it as quick as possible.)


Take a Walk – Written, Recorded and Performed by Sarah Sabatini


Lessons I Learned from the Forest

Squirrel Bridge Trees
Just when you think you’re going to fall you find a whole new purpose.

Watch out for Wood Ticks
Like every creature of the forest we must respect that they have a role in the environment which they live and understand how we can exist together.

Deer Stands in the Forest
You can always take a negative and turn it into a positive. Just depends how you look at it.

Delicate Lady Slippers
There is beauty hidden in the places you’d least expect. Always keep your eyes open and you will find it.

Animal Tracks
Stories aren’t always written in the pages of a book. We write our own story with every foot print we leave.

The Sound of Trees
Listening to the trees speak will allow you to hear others around you more clearly.

Losing an Earring in the Forest
Sometimes in life there’s nothing you can do except keep on walking.

Finding the Path
When the path is clear in your mind you’ll always find your way home.

Karate Kicking Tree Stumps
All good things eventually come to an end.

The World from the top of a Rock
The mountains of today will one day by the hills of tomorrow.

Forest Markers
There are many checkpoints along the way that you can choose to acknowledge or rush past.

The Sun Sets in the West
Look to the sky if you lose your way.


The Forest Fairy

Written by The Forest Fairy

The Forest Fairy is all about exploring nature, going on adventures and crafting memories.

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