The Sun Sets in the West

May 7, 2014
The Sun Sets in the West

We’ve arrived at the end of the 12 lessons I learned from the forest series. It’s been pretty fun reflecting on all of these special moments I shared with my family on our forest path. It’s really interesting how so many little things can have such an impact on our lives. When you’re young and experiencing everything you don’t really take time to understand that those little lessons will mean something later on.

My Mom has been reading these blog posts and says they make her cry every time. That seems to be what I’m good at and people start to get a little emotional when they read my writing or listen to my music. My words are real, genuine and honest. Why try to sound like someone else when I can draw from all my life experiences and share my stories with others. The thing that I didn’t realize until recently was that I now have stories to tell.

Take time to walk through the forest and see what stories you can see written upon the ground or up in the trees. Perhaps you’ll be taught lessons that you don’t realize are lessons until you reflect on them in the future. Have an open heart and always know that the sun sets in the west. Wherever I may roam I’ll always find my way back home because of this lesson.

Lesson Learned:
Look to the sky if you lose your way.


The Forest Fairy

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