Squirrel Bridge Trees

February 4, 2014
Squirrel Bridge - The Forest Fairy

Riding through the forest on the trike we would often encounter fallen trees usually after a storm. Dad would yell out “duck” and make sure we didn’t get bonked on the head from these low hanging branches. We encountered these trees so often that we came up with a name for them.

Squirrel Bridge Trees.

These trees were found snapped in half but never detached completely. They wouldn’t break but instead bend and create a seamless arched tree that sometimes crossed over our trail. Those were the ones I’d imagine the woodland creatures, especially squirrels, scurrying over to cross safely to the other side. I figured during the day the forest path was a traffic jam including deer, coyotes and bears. The smaller critters would find these bridges helpful to continue their travels quickly through the forest and not get stuck under a hoof or paw.

Even though these trees were knocked over by a powerful wind they still are an important part of the forest. They may not stand tall like their brothers but they have a new purpose and the animals are thankful for what they can still provide.

Taking a walk through the forest you can always see the Squirrel Bridges in the distance. Their new shape makes them look like tree rainbows arching among the moss or in the glittering grey of winter like my photo above.

Lesson Learned:
Just when you think you’re going to fall you find a whole new purpose.

(Also, watch out for squirrels chucking acorns at you!)


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