Mori Girl Style: Forest Fairy Fashion

October 17, 2014
Mori Girl Style

When I go shopping or select an outfit from my wardrobe I always have a particular style and theme that I’m going for. My fashion choices are always inspired by the forest. The colours, textures and accessories all have qualities that resemble something natural. I’ve been dressing with this theme in mind for years and have been happy knowing I have my own personal style.

Mori Girl Fashion Fairy

“Mori” means “Forest” in Japanese

Recently I learned of the Japanese street style called Mori Girl. Mori in Japanese means Forest. So basically Forest Girl style. I was shocked to read that there’s a whole community that exists and they dress the same way I do! So much for being unique. You imagine a girl who looks like she’s been living in the forest. A lot of creativity and imagination is involved to get the look right. But really though I must have seen this style somewhere or is the Mori Girl more than just fashion? Upon further reading I found that being a Mori Girl is actually more of a lifestyle. You wear the clothes but you also have a specific type of attitude and interests. Turns out I also share in these interests too like photography, dreaming, drinking tea, writing, reading, a love of nature and just being creative.

There’s a list of rules to follow if you choose to live the Mori Girl lifestyle. I was surprised how many of these I already do and describe me perfectly. I like to think of myself as a Mori Girl but not fully. The style requires a lot of layering but more with dresses and skirts. I do this sometimes but in our cold Canadian climate I prefer pants sometimes. So I can’t dedicate myself fully to being a Mori but it’s the closest thing I can relate to when it comes to who I am and what my style says about me.

If the Mori Girl style interests you I’ve included the rules, how to articles and some fashion inspiration boards below. Enjoy faeries!

How to be a Mori Girl – 12 Steps

62 Rules for Living in a ForestFull article here

How many of these can you check off the list? I’ve highlighted the ones that I can relate to.

  1. You like loose fitting dresses
  2. You always wear dresses and skirts
  3. You prefer slightly quirky clothes over simple ones
    (but you don’t like loud and flashy clothes)
  4. You look natural, but with your own style
  5. You are particular about fabrics
  6. You like ethnic clothes, too
  7. You wear A-line clothes
  8. You like wearing dresses that little girls would wear, too
  9. You like smock-like dresses and blouses
  10. You don’t like super sweet fashion
  11. You like deep colors like Burgundy, Fukamidori (dark green, #00552e), Koniro (navy blue, #223a70) and Chairo (dark brown, #965042)
  12. Warm colors look good on you
  13. Short nails feel more comfortable
  14. You like fluffy hats made of knitwear or fur
  15. You like ear muffs
  16. You like ponchos and boleros
  17. You want to have leather bags
  18. You use pochettes for everything
  19. You prefer gold accessories over silver
  20. You feel attracted to old things
  21. You like pocket watches
  22. You like necklaces with magnifying glasses or large designs
  23. You like designs featuring animals
  24. You like designs featuring sweets
  25. You like plaid and polka dots
  26. You like old-fashioned flower patterns
  27. You like lace
  28. You like tights and leggings
  29. Your shoes are basic and flat soled
  30. You like round toe shoes
  31. If you wear sneakers you wear them like loosely fitting cute slip-ons
  32. Instead of regular buttons you like hand-made buttons
  33. You want to wrap your stole or muffler around yourself
  34. In winter, a turtleneck design is your basis
  35. You like layering garments
  36. Puff sleeves make you feel emotional
  37. You love fairy tales
  38. Fair-skinned
  39. Your hair is loosely permed
  40. Bob cut x straight bangs
  41. Straight bangs x long loose perm
  42. Girly
  43. You like FELISSIMO
  44. Of FELISSIMO, you especially like the brands Syrup and &sloe
  45. You like the feel of Q-pot “sweets”
  46. You enjoy chilling out at cafés
  47. You like walking with a camera in your hand
  48. You unconsciously end up at variety stores
  49. You can’t help starting collections of things you like, you are a collector
  50. Finding cute books at the book store makes you happy
  51. You get excited when you visit a furniture store
  52. You like making things by hand
  53. Autumn and winter are your favorite seasons
  54. You’d like to visit Scandinavia one day
  55. You like to have round cheeks
  56. If you use perfume, you prefer faint flower scents best
  57. (You long to be) a girl that exudes a soft mood
  58. (You long to be) an uncomplicated girl
  59. You have been told you come across as laid-back
  60. You consider Hagumi Hanamoto of Honey and Clover to be a Mori Girl
  61. Shizuru Satonaka from Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru is also a Mori Girl
  62. You have been told by a friend that it looks like you are in a forest


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