Nature, Adventure, Folklore

The Forest Fairy is my personal realm of creativity. You can find me here when I’m not working as a full time Web Fairy. Being creative is part of my being. My inspiration comes from nature, adventure and folklore.

NATURE is the perfect balance to my online world. Equipped with my FujiFilm XT-20, I explore my local forests to photograph wildlife and the changing seasons. My Instagram account features the shots I’m most proud of. Nearly everything I create has been inspired by nature.

ADVENTURE comes naturally when I’m out and about appreciating this beautiful world. Hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking and camping are the ways I stay active and inspire my blog posts. I also craft handmade items that are useful when I’m exploring like my Adventure hand warmers, knit hats and foraging bags.

FOLKLORE rounds out The Forest Fairy. I’m always reading fairy tales, learning about Scandinavian traditions and wondering if there are Gnomes in the forest. My blog was originally only about fairies but it has since evolved like I have personally and professionally.

The Forest Fairy Mission

To inspire others to be creative, stay active and love those dear to us. Craft something unique and special with your mom, go for a walk and look for animal tracks with your dad or ask your Grandma how she celebrates each holiday. Learn, grow and believe!

My favourite quotes:

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” – Baz Luhrmann

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” – Maya Angelou



web fairy design logo

Besides forests and fairies, I also love websites. Specifically content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and meeting with clients to teach them how to update their content. My interest in web design began in high school when I would create fan websites for my favourite boybands. That led me to Red River College where I graduated with a Digital Media Design diploma. Since then I’ve built 200+ websites. As the web world changes, so do I. How I build a website now is entirely different from when I first started. Everyday I continue to learn and grow my skills. It’s not all magic but some of it is. That’s why they call me the Web Fairy.

When I’m not a full time Web Fairy, I can be found exploring nature with my camera and paddling in my kayak with my adventure buddy Fionn. There’s never enough time for all of my offline hobbies such as playing guitar/ukulele, writing music, knitting, water colour painting, bullet journaling, gardening, camping, hiking and photographing nature. I take great care to balance my online and offline worlds and encourage others to take time to disconnect from technology and appreciate the natural world whenever they can.