Away with the fairies

The Forest Fairy has been on some incredible adventures these last few years. Stay tuned for updates.
There are some new ideas in the works which I hope to share soon.

How I became a vendor at the Scandinavian Christmas Market

Who doesn't love a good craft sale? Especially one close to the holiday season for some unique gift purchases and seasonal fun. I do! My mom and I attend the Scandinavian Christmas Market year after year to line up and hopefully get some traditional baking. The bake...

Ste. Anne, Manitoba: Exploring the trails off of the Pipeline

A short walk from my family home there is a network of trails that the locals have built and maintained for the past several years. My dad and I have recently discovered them and went for a hike on Easter weekend. It was unusually warm that day and almost felt like...

Assiniboine Park: Spring Wandering

Spring has officially sprung for a good month now but in my neck of the woods it still looks quite grey and lifeless. There are patches of green grass starting to grow and the faint glimpse of some colour in the trees but you really need to look closely. We need a...

How to Hygge: 10 easy ways you can add Hygge to your evening routine

If you've browsed Pinterest or visited a book shop you've probably heard about Hygge a million times already. It has become very trendy and usually trends come and go like the seasons. But I have been enjoying Hygge for the past couple years and I think it's here to...

British Columbia: A Mother and Daughter Adventure

This past March I hopped on a plane with my mom and flew to British Columbia. For the last few years Mom has been making this yearly trip to visit her sister and family. She invited me along this time for a little mother daughter adventure. It definitely started out a...

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