The Most Amazing Forest Fairy Christmas Gift

January 13, 2015
The Most Amazing Fairy Gift

This Christmas I received the most creative, personal and inspiring gift ever! This is something that needs to be shared as only a few people I know truly understood the power of this gift.

The Most Amazing Fairy Gift

Sure, it is a box full of bits of the forest which most would think of as garbage but not for me. This is a gift given from someone who just gets me and the messages that I continue to send and live by.

The box was unwrapped and my jaw instantly dropped. My photo was printed on the box. Now that was a surprise, what could possibly be waiting inside. One of my friends yelled out as I was unwrapping it “that it’s probably filled with light!” Who would have thought but it was! There was a little switch on the top with a note saying to make sure to flick the switch before opening. I flicked it and opened the lid. MAGIC.

More of my photos were displayed inside of the box with fairy lights and the powerful smell of the forest! Can you imagine all of that hitting you in the face?! I don’t even know how I didn’t cry but I held it together as there was a group watching me open the gift.

I sat there just trying to figure out what an amazing little piece of work this was and not realizing there were little surprises hidden within the bits of forest for me to discover. I looked closer and noticed that there were leaves with inspiring words written on them and also covered in glitter! Then I noticed some little square objects wrapped in large leaves with glitter and tied with little vines. OMG. Are you serious?! I opened the packages so carefully and found 2 little books. One of spells and the other of fairy poems. WOW.

Then I found a little bottle of golden “Wood Fairy Dust” and a little geocache container the shape and size of an acorn. To top it off there was a beautiful message printed on some ragged paper which just brought the whole thing together. I’m still in awe by this incredibly powerful gift.

There was one other message printed on a clear sheet that I couldn’t photograph very well.

Believe. Hope. Dream.
Or not…
When you take the path that others take, you’ll see what others see.

Sometimes I wonder if this little world of fairies that I live in is worth my energy and then this gift gave me the answer. Yes. This is who I am and others are beginning to see it and hear my messages. I feel incredibly special to be surrounded by those who have open hearts and open minds to go beyond just what they see in front of them. They notice the little things and take time to make others feel special. Most importantly they encourage, inspire and motivate us all to keep growing. That alone is the greatest gift.


– The Forest Fairy

The Forest Fairy

Written by The Forest Fairy

The Forest Fairy is all about exploring nature, going on adventures and crafting memories.

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