Under The Ivy: Pretty Faerie Wing Earrings

April 3, 2015
Under the Ivy Rather Pretty Faerie Wing Earrings

Under the Ivy is a little faerie shop located in England. I discovered the shop online through Etsy and couldn’t believe my eyes! Artist Helen Nevett is truly magical and quite possibly a faerie herself. She creates handmade faerie inspired products like earrings, hair adornments and a variety of jewelry.

I love her description about her shop name. “Along with the birds and leaves “Under the Ivy” is a realm of faerie folk which are often mistaken for a butterfly, fluttering by.” I’d never heard of that saying before but I absolutely love it!

After a good browse of the shop I knew the Rather Pretty Small Faerie Wing Earrings were calling my name. I selected the small version with silver accents and counted down the days until they would arrive in my mailbox. I ordered them during the busiest time of year, Christmas. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive for when I was hoping and that was understandable. It turns out my hunny snagged the parcel from the mailbox before I could check the mail one day and he hid it under the tree for Christmas morning. It was even more thrilling to open the parcel when I wasn’t expecting it! With the Christmas rush Under the Ivy delivered on time and all the way to Canada from her home in England!

They arrived perfectly packaged in a brown tissue paper and tied up with a green string with an ivy leaf attached. Magical! The wings were attached to a card that said “Please note no faeries have been harmed! In the making of the wings”. They are the prettiest faerie wings you’ll ever see!

I’ve since worn them to the ballet “Swan Lake” and on several good hair days. The wings are quite bendy to the touch and the material is actually more durable than I had imagined. They don’t feel like they would snap in half easily. I was extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend Under the Ivy to all faerie believers!

Here’s a link to her shops: Etsy | Folksy | Facebook

I wrote this post due to my positive experience and to share Under the Ivy’s beautiful work. Hopefully it will inspire others to create magical things too 🙂


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