Nordic Spring Afternoon Outfit

March 30, 2014
Nordic Spring Afternoon

Nordic Spring Afternoon

I am inspired a lot by fashion, culture and nature. This is always reflected in my choice of wardrobe and home decor.

I created this set while lounging on the couch having a sick day. The pillow, blanket and cup of tea are my comforts along with my Aussie Shepherd, Finn. There is a Scandinavian influence here as you can see from the Dala horse and Nordic zip up. This is basically what you would see if you took a peak into my living room on a lazy afternoon.

Here in Canada it still looks like winter and there are no signs of spring yet. For a spring set this is a little more cozy than I’d like but we can’t ditch our boots and scarves just yet. Soon! Hopefully Mother Nature changes her tune before it’s summer! Links and details to all of these items are below but some are a little pricey! But they’re beautiful 🙂

The Forest Fairy

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