Cozy Faux Fur Vests for Winter

February 20, 2015
The Forest Fairy Faux Fur Vest

A fashion trend I’ve really taken notice of this winter has been the faux fur vest. They have been everywhere and look so incredibly cozy. During winter we tend to wear layers and this is the perfect piece to layer over a thin long sleeved hoody or shirt. Add a scarf and some fur lined boots and you’ve got a great winter look.

I wasn’t sure how a furry vest would suit me but every time I saw somebody else wearing one it made me think of a Viking. Having some viking heritage I thought I need to get me one of these furry vests and see if it enhances my inner Viking.

I checked out Forever 21 where there were many styles to choose from. I grabbed one in every colour they had and in different sizes. There was an orange vest that made me think of a fox but when I tried it on I looked like a giant orangutan! It went back on the rack first. The best colours were the darker browns and ones that looked more natural and woodsy. I finally chose a dark brown vest that had 2 little clasps to do it up and pockets! So nifty!

I paired my brown faux fur vest with a long sleeved green hoody, dark green scarf from Pretty Angel, dark denim skinny jeans and my light brown winter boots. It’s an outfit I’ve worn a few times to work because it is so comfortable even if I look like a giant bear! Oh well!

The faux fur vest is definitely a seasonal piece in my wardrobe as it does get pretty warm throughout the day and I couldn’t imagine wearing this in the summer months. If you want to bring out your inner Viking I recommend this for every forest dwellers wardrobe!

The Forest Fairy

Written by The Forest Fairy

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