The Forest Fairy Poetry Book

February 9, 2014
The Forest Fairy Poetry Book

The Forest Fairy Poetry Book

One day I started writing down short little poems into my notebook after being inspired by some beautiful faery photos on the internet. The words just started to flow onto the page and most of them rhymed without needing to think too hard for the right words. It just happened. Soon I had a bit of a collection of poems that mostly were inspired by photos I’d seen.

Being a web designer I am always looking for ways to practice my skills and I turned to Photoshop to start creating my own faery photos. I’d take photos of myself to start and cut them out, place them on a nature background and add some fairy wings. For each piece I created I’d write a poem to go with the photo. It gave me a lot of Photoshop practice and a huge folder full of files that I didn’t know what to do with.

So I made a book.

The Forest Fairy Poetry Book was created in 2007 and was given as a Christmas gift for my Mom. She was blown away by the creativity and always said I could sell the book. But I figured that was just my Mom because that’s what Mom’s are supposed to say. Only one copy was ever printed but it is available on if ever someone really wanted a copy.

I’m happy with this book and it helped me continue to write and create work inspired by the Faeries. I have always wanted to write and design another to show how far my skills have come since 2007. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I would be happy recreating this book and making it even better but then a part of me is happy that it is what it is and doesn’t need to change. This is a reflection of myself from that time and writing something new will show how much I’ve grown.

The Forest Fairy

The Forest Fairy

I’ve decided to work on another self published poetry book. More beautiful photos and words for you to enjoy! Or for my Mom to enjoy 🙂 Either way I want to keep creating and instead of filing my work away in a folder I want it available for anyone who loves nature and the Fae as much as I do can have access to it.

This is one of my goals this year and it’s already February! By posting this it is a reminder that I have done this before and I can do it again but even better.

The Forest Fairy

Written by The Forest Fairy

The Forest Fairy is all about exploring nature, going on adventures and crafting memories.

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