Spring Stroll Outfit

April 17, 2014
Spring Stroll Outfit

Spring Stroll Outfit

Like many others I’ve been awaiting the arrival of spring for what seems like forever. It continues to snow on and off and the snow is still all here. But recently I’ve started to see patches of grass and critters playing about. I think spring is finally around the corner! I’ve been so used to putting on the same warm fluffy sweater for so long I can’t even remember what it’s like to put on lighter clothing. Not having to wear socks with my shoes is something I still can’t do but maybe in the next month.

This little outfit I put together has a forest feel to it with a light spring breeze and ray of sunshine. Imagine going for a walk through the park, buying an icecream and sitting down on a park bench to enjoy the smell of blossoms on the air. Ah… perfect.

I’d love to find a white blazer someday to pair with some green pants. So fresh! Enjoy and I hope in your corner of the world you are starting to feel the warmth of the sun 🙂

The Forest Fairy

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