How to Hygge: 10 easy ways you can add Hygge to your evening routine

February 5, 2019
Hygge candles

If you’ve browsed Pinterest or visited a book shop you’ve probably heard about Hygge a million times already. It has become very trendy and usually trends come and go like the seasons. But I have been enjoying Hygge for the past couple years and I think it’s here to stay. I stumbled upon it in online while I was searching for ways to bring calm to my life after a hectic work day. Pronounced ‘hue-guh’ it is of Danish origin and can be many things. In short it’s creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with the people you love.

My neck of the woods is currently experiencing a deep freeze with the average temperature sitting around -30C. It can be pretty draining and I find myself scurrying home to cuddle up on the couch every night. I’ve realized I have a very hygge evening routine that helps me feel cozy, reflect on my day and get through this cold spell. 

The following is my interpretation of Hygge along with 10 easy ways you can enjoy Hygge tonight!

Coffee and Dessert (Fika)

Fika coffee and cinnamon bun

Put the kettle on and grab your favourite mug out of the cupboard. It’s Fika time! Every evening my husband and I practice the art of Fika. We gather in the living room with a hot drink and usually a sweet treat. It’s a moment for us to sit down, talk and feel good. This is how I begin winding down for the evening.


Hygge candles

While the coffee and treats are being prepared I select a few candles to light. Light is one of the most important elements in Hygge. The warm flickering glow creates an ambiance throughout the room. I have collected many forest scented candles like balsam, pine, oak moss and even campfire. During the winter months we choose salted caramel or hot cocoa scents to add even more sweetness to our Hygge moment. Add some fairy lights to your frosty windows or place them in a vase to add a warm glow to the room. You can’t go wrong with fairy lights! If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, that is the ultimate way to Hygge. Warmth, light and coziness all in one!

Get Comfortable

Fox slippers

Make sure to change into something soft. I choose my softest pyjama pants and fluffy slippers. After a day of skinny jeans, pyjamas feel the best when you’re relaxed on the couch. My slippers have little pom poms on the end just like Tinker Bell has. They make me smile because they look a little silly but they are comfortable and that’s what it’s all about.

Practice Gratitude

Bullet journal

I have discovered bullet journaling and am very much in love with it. After watching several YouTube videos I purchased a few inexpensive stationary supplies and began my first layout. Using Micron pens, Crayola fine tips and Washi tape, I’ve been able to create some helpful pages and practice my drawing skills. My favourite layouts are the mood tracker, habit tracker, adventure memories, monthly highlights and the gratitude page. Taking a moment to reflect on the day and everything we’ve accomplished is a very positive feeling. Setting goals and tracking progress is a huge motivator too. Finally, being thankful and writing out a few items even if they are small, is an amazing way to complete your day.


Crochet fox

While feeling so relaxed it’s a great time to be a little creative. I have my IKEA cart filled with yarn and supplies to crochet a project while hanging out on the couch. I love to crochet some hand warmers, toadstools or a Tomte. Sometimes if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll search for a new pattern and see if I can figure it out like this little fox in the photo. When I complete a project, I decide if it goes into my sale inventory or if it will be given as a gift. If you don’t crochet, I encourage you to watch some videos on YouTube and in no time you’ll be making a scarf! It’s actually very relaxing when you get the hang of it.


iPhone fox

Sometimes I prefer to turn the TV off and just put on my head phones to enjoy some beautiful music. My Spotify subscription always keeps things interesting with my Daily Mixes. I’ve been listening to boygenius, Passenger, Dermot Kennedy, Lord Huron and Of Monsters and Men. Instrumental music is wonderful if you’re writing in your journal and don’t want to be distracted with lyrics. 


Blanket ladder

Of course having a favourite blanket makes Hygge time even more comfortable. I have a knit foxy orange blanket with several fox pillows that just make me so happy. I usually end up falling asleep whenever I take them down from my handmade blanket ladder. Grab your cosiest blanket and cuddle up on the couch!


Pile of books

Turning my phone off before bed can be difficult so I try to have some books and magazines nearby to read at the end of the day. Fae Magazine and Enchanted Living are the only magazines I ever purchase and look forward to them every season. I’ve also been reading Norse mythology stories which are so vivid and magical. The stories really transport me to another world and give my imagination a workout when trying to imagine the nine worlds.



Last year I discovered essential oils and purchased a diffuser for my home. Lavender is my favourite scent and it really relaxes me in the evening. My diffuser has a forest theme of course and is so pretty to watch the lights changing colours and casting shadows on the walls. I love it and it’s been a wonderful way to bring calm to my evening. I’ve read some oils are not good to diffuse around pets so I make sure the ones I use are safe for my fur babies.


Australian shepherd

The most important part is the feeling of togetherness that Hygge creates. Being in a quiet space, feeling good and surrounded by love is all you need. My fur babies pick their favourite couch and curl up in a ball next to me and my husband. Lights, hot drinks, creativity, scents, gratitude and finally a feeling of togetherness complete my Hygge evening.


How do you Hygge? What do you do different? What are you going to try? Have a great Hygge practice to share? Share it in the comments please!

Enjoy the magic of Hygge.

The Forest Fairy

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