Assiniboine Park: Spring Wandering

April 29, 2019
English garden walk

Spring has officially sprung for a good month now but in my neck of the woods it still looks quite grey and lifeless. There are patches of green grass starting to grow and the faint glimpse of some colour in the trees but you really need to look closely. We need a good rain fall to wash the dust away and refresh the ground. It’s that in between time when we are all waiting in anticipation for the world to come alive and burst with vibrant colours.

rubber boots in a puddle

I go searching for signs of spring every weekend in my local parks and forests. A few weeks ago I bought some new rubber boots and went for an adventure to the muddy and puddle filled Assiniboine Park. Rubber boots are just the best. The folks without proper footwear were taking detours around puddles on the path, but today I could go straight on through. The joy of splashing water and not getting wet is something I had forgotten about since a child. These boots were a very good purchase!

Squirrel in a tree

For a few hours I wandered down the trails with my camera. It’s the perfect way to recharge and disconnect from my tech filled world. Not having to worry about my feet, I was able to look up and notice a silly little squirrel clinging to a branch. I always think squirrels are going to dive off from the trees and land on my head. By the looks of this guy he might have been thinking about it. I carried on and headed towards the English Garden.

English garden walk

The flowers in the English Garden are just gorgeous from spring to fall. This place is very special to me. Makes me think of all the friends and family that I have strolled through it with. It’s crowded these days with folks catching Pokemon. It actually makes me happy that they are outside and that a game brought them closer to nature. So I don’t mind and it’s nice to see people out and about.

Cold flowers

The English Garden leads into the Leo Mol sculpture garden. This is also another special place and I like to walk around the pond admiring all of the bronze sculptures. It will soon be full of flowers, lily pads and weddings. I found a few flowers from last summer glowing in the sun. I think these are Hydrangeas and even without their full colour they are very pretty.

Geese on the melting river

Making my loop back through the garden I had to stop and check out the river. The river has completely melted now but when I took this photo it was breaking up and jamming up around the bridges. The Canada geese were having a good time out on the ice and I stared watching large chunks of ice drift down the river for a while. Alright, moving on!

Breezy grass

I headed back into the forest to seek out some quieter areas of the park. With my new zoom lens I practiced playing with depth of field. It was a very sunny day and everything looked golden. I had found the colours of spring after all. I enjoyed a moment of watching the breeze blowing through the tall grass and decided it was time to head back home. Feeling relaxed and grateful that I made time to get outside and change my perspective for a few hours.

Tree buds

I walked down the path by the pavilion and looked up at the trees. Look, buds! Not much longer and the next phase of spring colours will be on display. I love watching the seasons change but also love appreciating what we have now in this time. It’s not green, but it’s beautiful if you look closely.


Are the flowers blooming where you live? I haven’t seen a flower yet! Post a photo of your flowers to send some spring cheer my way. #theforestfairy

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