Adventure Sunday in the Assiniboine Forest

March 2, 2015
Adventure Sunday - Assiniboine Forest

Every Sunday I try to head out into the world and go on an adventure. Depending on the weather I sometimes don’t always get to but today was probably the best day I’ve seen in a while. My dog Fionn and I couldn’t resist the sunshine pouring in through the windows so we got our things together and went on a little adventure.

The Assiniboine forest was our destination and it was the perfect place to go. A lot of folks had the same idea and we encountered many a furry friend down the trails. We also took a lot of smaller trails so we could enjoy some quiet and try to find some birds.

Today was also March 1 and as the saying goes “March came in like a lamb”. A day filled with sunshine and birds is a pretty nice day. No lions in our part of the forest!

I really encourage everyone to go on their own adventures. They don’t need to be on a Sunday but any day that you’re free to devote some time to being outdoors and discovering something new. It’s the perfect way to recharge and be grateful for all of the little things in life. Like the friendship of your pet or the beauty of the sparkling snow. Good luck on your adventures and I can’t wait to share my next one with you all.

Enjoy this video of my adventure through the Assiniboine forest. If you’re interested in visiting it there’s more info at this website.


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