Fionn MacCool: Miniature Australian Shepherd

April 16, 2015
The Legend of Fionn MacCool

A month after I returned from my second trip to Ireland I decided it was time to welcome a puppy into my home. I went searching and found a miniature Australian Shepherd. He became my four legged best friend and I named him Fionn MacCool or “Finn” for short. Can you guess where I got the idea for his name? Read the Legend of Fionn MacCool. He is now my little side kick and adventure partner!

Finn brings a lot of joy to my family with his contagious smile and human like expressions. Australian shepherds are known for their intelligence and he is no exception. Show him once and he remembers. He quickly learned all of his commands and performs them all like a routine when he wants that piece of cheese you’re munching on. I think if he shows you all of his tricks at once there’s bound to be one that’s going to work. Smart puppy!

His colouring is quite unique as he is a Blue Merle and their coats can be very patchy and random. Luckily his spots all ended up in attractive places and all of his paws look like they were dipped in white paint. Many don’t realize that this breed is also born with naturally bobbed tails. It’s said that Aussies were bred without tails so that they wouldn’t trip when herding livestock. When he’s happy you can tell by his wiggle butt!

Finn is also a wonderful traveler and has gone on adventures in South and North Dakota. I plan to take him camping and one day to the mountains in our family RV. Just say “car ride” and he’s ready to go! Can’t wait to see more beautiful places with Finn leading the way.

Traveling to new lands is very inspiring and especially if you seek out the stories that make each place special. The beauty of the Giant’s Causeway really left an impression on me. The legend of Fionn MacCool defeating Benandonner was such a memorable story from my travels that it’s now woven into my life. You never know what could inspire you next. Go forth, explore and become inspired!

Enjoy “The Legend of Fionn MacCool”. See what Finn looked like when he came home for the first time and met the rest of the family.

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