Fionn MacCool’s Winter Day in the Woods

January 14, 2018

Winter fun with Fionn

Happy new year forest friends! One of my New Years resolutions is to take more photos of my adventures and write more blog posts. So I’m starting off with a chilly winter day out in the snow with my best buddy Fionn.

Winter fun with Fionn

I spent the weekend out at my parent’s place where we had a delicious traditional Ukrainian dinner for Ukrainian New Years. We found out my father is 97% Ukrainian after getting an Ancestry DNA test done. But that’s a story for another time. Anyways dinner was great and I’m excited to keep learning more about my Ukrainian heritage which I barely know anything about except that cabbage rolls and borscht are pretty amazing!

Winter fun with Fionn

Fionn woke me up early asking to go outside and instead of going back to bed I sat in the window and enjoyed the early light. There was a fresh dusting of snow on the trees and the temperature was -33C overnight which made for a very crisp morning. Luckily the weather forecast was calling for it to warm up throughout the day. Perfect timing for Fionn and I to head outdoors.

Winter day with FionnWinter day with Fionn

I sat quietly in front of the kitchen window watching the birds and reading a vintage North American mammal field guide. The quiet was exactly what I needed to recharge and get ready for another busy week of work. Making time to recharge each weekend is very important for me and spending time outside is my favorite way to reenergize.

Winter day with Fionn

Fionn bolted out of the house, running up and down the lane and leaping into the snow banks. He was feeling so cooped up this week that this little trip to the country was good for him too. I sat down on the lane with the camera and called him over. He kept running right at me while I tried to catch some action shots. Fionn photo shoots are so fun and he is incredibly photogenic especially when he’s out in the snow. His eyes glow icey blue!

Winter day with Fionn

We wandered around the woods for a good hour. Fionn sniffed all of the trees and I breathed in the chilly winter air while snapping photos. I was mostly shooting upwards towards the treetops that I kept stumbling on branches and ice.

Winter fun with Fionn

Fionn and I were startled a few times when a tree branch snapped with the weight of the new snow. It echoed so loud we thought something big was headed our way! At one point we both bolted back to the house because the breaking branches sounded like Bigfoot was crashing through the forest!

Winter fun with Fionn

This photo turned out a little blurry but I can’t get over Fionn’s expression. He definitely enjoyed himself.

Winter fun with Fionn

Once my fingers started burning and Fionn’s paws had built up with ice we knew it was time to head back inside to warm up. We went back out a couple more times and then had to pack up for the day and head back to the city. I gave my parents hugs and thanked them for a wonderful weekend break away.

Winter day with Fionn

Going back home and spending some quiet time in nature is part of my lifestyle now. I need to do this in order to maintain a positive work/life balance. It keeps me grounded and clears away all of the negative energy I acquire throughout the week. This year I see lots of opportunities to go on adventures and I’m very excited to share more on my blog.

Get out there and make your own adventures! Remember, there is no bad weather only bad clothing!

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