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2020 has been challenging and everyone has had to adjust to many restrictions and changes. The Scandinavian Christmas Market was cancelled this year and something I work towards all year long with my mother Ingrid. I am happy we are staying safe but really miss this annual tradition.

So with the extra time I have available, I have built a new web shop for local Canadian shoppers only. My handmade items are small enough to ship using standard letter mail which is quite affordable. There are a few new designs this year that I have been selling through Etsy. The prices are much lower on my website since I don’t have to pay fees for selling. But I did increase them $1 more than regular craft market prices due to the extra work required to package and ship. A little different but very exciting!

With Lucia Day coming up I wanted to offer the ability to shop a selection of my items online to send as gifts in cards or use to decorate your home or Christmas tree. Hope you enjoy my little shop and wishing you all a very safe and happy holiday season! Tack!


Ingrid and Sarah
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