Deer Stands in the Forest

February 8, 2014
Deer Stand
Dad and Deer Stand #1

Dad and Deer Stand #1

Looking up at the tops of the trees I’d always look for nests or bee hives but sometimes the trees held other objects. I started to notice wooden platforms that were nailed to the tree trunks and wondered how on earth those got up there. During our walks we would come across two known deer stands that you could see from our forest trail.

At first I had a completely different understanding about deer stands. I thought they were a fantastic hiding spot high up in the trees to quietly watch for deer and other animals. I’d imagine having my camera with me and waiting patiently for the creatures of the forest to reveal themselves. The only problem was that it was quite a climb up to the top and these deer stands were decades old. There were little chunks of wood nailed to the tree trunk to use as steps but over time they didn’t look too sturdy anymore. So we never actually used them for that purpose but it was nice to think about.

Sarah and Deer Stand #2

Sarah and Deer Stand #2

Eventually I figured out the deer stands were actually meant for hunters and the idea of them disappointed me. My dad was a bit of a hunter but I’d never known him to hunt deer. He wasn’t the one who constructed them and I don’t think we’ll ever know how they came to be. He would attempt to climb the tree whenever we’d pass by the two known deer stands on our forest trail but usually would climb back down when he realized it wasn’t the best idea. Each time we’d see the deer stands they looked like the trees were trying to shed them like an old skin. Their time was over and no hunter had made use of them for ages. In my eyes the deer stands that were once used for a different purpose could potentially been used to enjoy the beauty of nature. If they weren’t falling a part!

Lesson Learned:
You can always take a negative and turn it into a positive. Just depends how you look at it.

I’m really enjoying writing these little stories from the forest and what it’s taught me over the years. It has brought back a lot of memories and things I didn’t even realize I treasured. I hope you’re enjoying reading them too 🙂

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