British Columbia: A Mother and Daughter Adventure

March 30, 2018

This past March I hopped on a plane with my mom and flew to British Columbia. For the last few years Mom has been making this yearly trip to visit her sister and family. She invited me along this time for a little mother daughter adventure. It definitely started out a bit rocky with some of the flights getting canceled due to blizzard weather but even though our flight was delayed a little we were still scheduled to leave for Abbotsford. Our flight made one stop in Edmonton first and I was really nervous. This was the first time I had flown in a snow storm. Looking out the window my seat was just in front of the wing of the plane and the lights lit up the snow zooming past. It sparkled and looked like we were in Star Wars flying at hyper speed. The pilot landed us perfectly and within half an hour and some deicing we were off again. Next stop, the mountains!

Signs of spring

Signs of spring!

Amazing how a few short hours ago we were in a blizzard and then suddenly in spring. Flowers and sunshine greeted us the next morning along with some happy faces and a delicious breakfast. This was a different kind of a trip for me as I love to be on the move and packing in as much as I can. But traveling with my mom and not having a tight schedule, we could take our time, relax and just enjoy.

Deer Lake Park

Ivy and Moss

Ivy and moss along the path around Deer Lake.

On our first full day my family took us to explore Deer Lake park. We walked around the entire lake while exploring beautiful trees and searching for fairies of course! There were lots of adorable dogs enjoying the park and signs of wildlife everywhere.

Swan by Deer Lake

Beautiful swan beside Deer Lake

We were walking along the path trying to avoid the puddles when we all were suddenly drawn into a huge tree in a magical setting. It was on an empty lot on the edge of the park, with moss, snowdrops and crocuses growing around the base. There was a different feeling about this tree. We took our time taking photos and admiring the flowers. I could have spent all day there!

Snowdrops are a sign of spring

Snowdrops are a sign of spring

I can only image how beautiful this park will be in the summer. Even a month later I bet it’s much more green and alive with new growth. Deer Lake Park was a wonderful place to spend an afternoon just wandering.

Snowdrop flowers

Snowdrops are pure magic

Bear Creek Park

Bear Creek Park trees

Walking among the trees

One of our last mornings in British Columbia I was itching to get out and spend time among the trees. My aunt knew just the place and took my Mom and I for a wonderful walk through Bear Creek Park. We could have spent the whole day taking photos of moss and crocuses. There was a chill in the air but the sun was shining and it felt amazing to stand underneath the giant trees.

Geocaching in Bear Creek Park

Geocaching in Bear Creek Park

I introduced my aunt to geocaching and found one off the beaten path. She couldn’t believe these little treasures were all over the place. I was close to giving up but she encouraged me to keep looking and sure enough I located it under the remains of an old bridge.

chickadee bird feed

A gentle little soul

Along one of the walking trails we came upon a woman who was feeding the birds. She was standing with her arms out holding seeds in her hands. Little chickadees and wrens were swooping down and gently landing in her palms. It was magical! Mom has a special talent for instantly making friends and suddenly had seed in her hands waiting to feed the birds. They wasted no time and she had chickadees in her hands left and right! She looked like Snow White and I was able to capture the moment perfectly. That unexpected event became the highlight of our day and the best photo of the entire trip!

Feeding chickadees

Mother nature herself

It was a beautiful holiday with my mom and our family. We spent time in nature, by the ocean, in the city and even had time to craft a special piece of rock art.

Bald eagle flying

A bald headed eagle flying over my head

British Columbia offers incredible scenery and impressive trees everywhere you look! I hope to return each year to explore more and spend precious time with my family from the mountains. This mother and daughter trip could become a yearly tradition.

Crescent Beach

The sparkling ocean at Crescent Beach

I challenge everyone to go on an adventure this month! Visit places you used to enjoy as a child or have fond memories of with loved ones. Take a Sunday drive or go for a walk in your neighbourhood park. I wish you lots of adventures!


The Forest Fairy

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